Nowadays the implementation of agricultural operations requires from a driver special skills. The installed navigation equipment in the cabine reminds a side panel of a fighter. Though an owner thinks that if he has bought an expensive equipment it will bring profit without  participating of a qualified driver?! This is a huge mistake!!! Buying an expensive navigation equipment must be accompanied by highly trained personnel, only then you will begin to use effectively your equipment.

Working in the market of precision farming solutions we have learned to not only sell equipment, but also to provide quality services for the preparation of personnel, that is not paid attention on by other similar companies.

During the existence of our company, we have accumulated sufficient experience in conducting training sessions and are ready to share it with you.

On the basis of our company we have been repeatedly helding training sessions on the use of TRIMBLE  navigation systems and PRECISION PLANTING systems.

Among them in 2012 there was held an international TRIMBLE training, where participated representatives of five countries.

In 2015 there was organized and held a series of trainings on PRECISION PLANTING  systems. Among the participants there also were representatives of “Myronivskiy Khleboproduct” agroholding.

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If you want to increase the qualification level of your personnel or have specific questions that need to be clarified, we will be happy to help you with this.

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