Parallel driving system EZ-Guide 250 has a high-quality baseline capabilities at a low price. The best option for use on cereals and for applications requiring sub-meter accuracy. Suitable for simple driving, thus facilitating the implementation of agricultural operations at any time of the year.

Pattern types

7 different pattern types will provide great flexibility in implement managing that will allow to work on different forms and curves corresponding to the maximum configuration of your field.


FieldFinder option

There is no need to find the field through the menu: Client, Facility, Field, Event. AutoНет необходимости искать через меню  Клиент, Хозяйство, Поле, Событие. Auto detection based on distance to the field.

Pause position option

Just check the position of your vehicle on the field. Go for the refill and come back to the start position later without any difficulties.


Field reports and results

  • Text format (.rtf)
  • Easy edditing using MS Word
  • Auto save to the internal memory
    (no need to use USB card)
  • Further USB saving possibility

Improving accuracy option - AG-15 antenna (recommended)

Allows you to take a more stable signal and filter out refracted and false GPS signals


  • Metal plattern
  • Antenna
  • Antenna cable